• Pink is the new king this season! And since the world is made for two, we chose the best pair partner for your Shiva shakti bottom - the Rose ash Rock Om Roll top. Combine both and get 50% off the Rock Om Roll top!

  • OmniGreetings

    Hi friends and yogis around the world. Here we are – the OmniCreators of these beautiful yoga and fusion garments. As you see on the picture, we are all different expressions of the One Divine Energy. We honor that great variety of bodies and personalities there is on Earth by creating clothes that fit OmniBodies. Omni is a Latin prefix meaning all or every. We believe Omnitom is for everyone!

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  • OmniNew

    Made of soft and delicate lace, with feminine ruffle and contrasting ribbon trim, this lightweight wrap skirt is right on trend. The skirt wraps gently around your waist and closes with hidden snap buttons.

  • Our clothing brand is made only of natural materials and organic cotton with a lot of love and devotion to the yogic life style. Our designs and colors are inspired by the array of emotions, moods, sensations and feelings that arise during practice. We love diversity so each of our collections has its own unique feel and source of inspiration and might look completely different from anything else we have created.

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Lins Vanhauwaert
OMG what beautiful stuff this is. I want all this colors and 3/4 pants for the summer.

Mercedes Ngoh
”I always get a lot of compliments when I wear your clothes…”

Alessandra Pecorella
””When i wear Omnitom I always have a feeling of being wrapped in the most sensual fabric…”

Nelly Lozanova
”My first encounter with Omnitom was soft, gentle and absolutely delightful. I had never touched more sensuous fabric…”

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