• About Us

    Omnitom yoga and fusion wear is a child of a collective yoga tribe from Bulgaria. Born in 2008, Omnitom has been serving the global yoga community with beautiful organic yoga wear. When we create a model, first we wear it during practice to test its comfort and durability. As we expand our consciousness and stretch our bodies, we love to have our clothes stretching and supporting as well.

    Our clothing brand is made of natural materials and organic cotton with a lot of love and devotion to the yogic life style. We create not just a piece of clothing but an experience. Our designs and colors are inspired by the array of emotions, moods, sensations and feelings that arise during practice. We love diversity so each of our collections has its own unique feel and source of inspiration and might look completely different from anything else we have created.

    Omni is a Latin prefix meaning “all” or “every”. Omnitom clothes love all types of bodies, they just fit like a second skin.

    Omnitom’ is made up of the repetition of the primordial sound OM that is said to contain all sounds and vibrations in the universe. Omnitom is a made-up word coined from a misheard phrase during a full-moon long-distance phone-conversation from India. And since Omnitom contains both ‘om’ and ‘nit’, which is a unit of luminance, we believe that this ‘communication glitch’ was an auspicious sign not to be ignored.